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ALGORITMO LTD is taken advantage of professionals with proven experience, everyone specialized in a determined field. Carrying out the own activities and competences in a synergic and cooperative way they succeed in catching up the objective prefixed at the beginning of every plan in an efficient and effective way, guaranteeing a personalized service and high qualitative standards.

In particular the professionals distinguish themselves in Project Managers and Institutional Advisors.

The Project Managers of ALGORITMO LTD develops every new initiative analyzing:

The competitive environment;


The organization and financial problems;


The opportunities of the plan;


Points of force and weakness


Following all the phases of the project, step by step, from starting until the phase of customer relation management, the Project Managers develop for every plan: the products, the agreements, the material of marketing and coordinate the Institutional Advisors.


The Institutional Advisors supplies to the financial institutions with:

Marketing service;

Development of relations and partnership ad hoc;

Training activity to the sale force.

The Institutional Advisors manage the problems to pursue the better outcome in terms of efficiency and effectiveness for the customer and to guarantee a service of high professionality.

They work on several plans following the directive of the Project Manager.

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